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streetAbout us

With over 10 years canvassing experience we are confident that we can help you get to where you want to be.
From fresh start-up companies to established businesses we can help you along your way by providing you work to meet your requirements.
We canvass for both Traditional and Water Fed Pole window cleaners, we will work via your methods of cleaning and payment requirements from your instructions to us in order to relay accurate information to your new clients keeping it all straight forward.

As well as canvassing we also have our own window cleaning company which has been running for 10 years so rest assured we know what you as the business owner wants. we wont undercut other cleaners or make enemies for you. we will do a good honest job as afterall you are our business and we want you to feel you can use us again and again in the future.


Do we wear a uniform?

All of our canvassers wear uniform which consists of casual trousers and a t-shirt/jacket that simply says window cleaner on without any company name which won't confuse the homeowner, we would also use your business cards or leaflets when doing a campaign representing your company to help us gain your new customers.

streetWhat areas do we cover?

We cover the whole of the M25 area, all of Kent, Sussex, Essex and all areas within a 50 mile radious from central London without any extra charge to you.
We are prepaired to travel out further but please note we will have to charge you the extra fuel costs.

What makes us different from other canvassing companies out there?

Well for starters we dont just go out knocking every door on every road straight away and complete there and then giving you any old riff raff customer like most have a tendancy of doing meaning the dropout rate will be higher!. We plan our given area out by arriving early to research and note where the best likely work will be avoiding social housing areas etc.

How do we work?

First we'd have the initial meeting with you (the client) either in person or via a phone call, Afterwards we'd ask for a small £50 deposit (which comes off the total at the end) then our team will hit your chosen area in the daytime and plan the canvass campaign ready for the following evening meaning we are more than likely to hit your desired amount in a better quality way.

If a small amount of work is required (under £200) which we can gain in a day. The average amount £500-£1000 of work we usualy get asked to provide from start to finish would be done for you within 2-3 weeks after our planning out. eg, you ask for £500 of work we will hit the area for half a day in the daytime planning it all out via house types with better times of knocking, i.e, knocking later for commuter areas and earlier for elderly and bungalow areas leaving the average family houses to be canvassed inbetween after the school runs etc. Then we'd go home and map it all out with a planned route for our canvassers to start knocking the following day/days untill we hit your desired target amount.

How much do we charge to canvass?

We work by charging a 2 clean value for our canvassing so £500 of work will cost £1000 and we would aim to have it completed for you within 2-3 weeks from the start date.
For new clients we just ask for a small deposit of £50 which comes off the balance at the end for your fresh new customers, being the business that it is we sometimes come accross the 1 off brigades where we would simply just give you that customer for free and if you convert them to a regular then thats for you to know and not me, we always ask what frequency the client wants to try avoid any frequency disputes.

What if i lose a few of the canvassed customers?

We guarantee the work for the first clean providing its not a mistake on your part, a few examples of refunds would be if the canvassed customer changed their mind, if a customer found us rude and pushy or if we lied about any of the details.
Please note we wouldnt refund if its down to the window cleaner causing the customer to cancel for 1 reason or another such as not doing a good enough job or customer finding you rude etc which shouldnt happen if all of our comunication is correct.

Whats the minimum amount you will canvass?

£200 is the minimum which we will aim to do in an evening for you however most of our clients are regulars who want £250/£500 every 4-6 months.