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door_knockingNeed more sales for your window cleaning business?

We understand that when you're working its often difficult to go out and gain new customers whilst maintaining your valuable current clients; That's were we can help.

We specialise in selling YOUR company and the services that YOU provide. 

Our sales staff have years of experience in the Window Cleaning Industry so you can rest assured they will always present your companies initial contact in an educated and knowledgable way as they themselves have cleaned windows and worked within the industry itself.

Our sales team will help develop and expand both new and established businesses, but most importantly freeing up your time so you can work and earn money.

window_cleanerYour business is important to us, without YOU we have no business so its ALWAYS in our best interest to provide a quality service to you in order to gain repeat custom and make long lasting relationships as our businesses grow together.

So far we have gained over ten thousand new customers for our clients, our record speaks for itself.

Window Cleaning Canvassing;
Helping you do what you do best...

From our Director:

'I love our industry, over the years it has given us livelihoods and made lasting relationships but the window cleaning industry is experiencing a high surge of new window cleaners from all areas and all backgrounds.

This will only increase over the next 12 months as the lack of money and the high cost of living continues.

Nowadays, to become a safe window cleaner, purchasing a water fed pole system is more affordable than it once was.

Whereas some ‘newbies’ from the ‘redundancy’ group or those that manage to find a few hundred pounds in order to get kitted out at the lowest cost, there will also be many more that borrow a set of ladders and then spend £40.00 on a squeegee, applicator and some scrim.

This threatens experienced, established window cleaners and honest hard working new start ups.

Should you worry?

Some window cleaners will say that they have a loyal customer base and some will say that their service is a good one and one they have provided to their customers for many years.

It is true, that to win your window cleaning customer from you, it can be a tough, tall order. However, we are in tough times and now is not the time to be complacent.

There are now more window cleaners than ever. Moreover, if your ‘patch’ is in a city then expect fierce competition.

So YES! we should never be complacent when it comes to our livelihoods, we not only need to work hard but we need to market hard too.

Residential window cleaning is set to go through a harsh time. It is the most easiest to obtain for those willing to cut corners or costs – especially in hard times. That's where we can help, we can help secure YOUR area AND gain new customers to secure your future income.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help secure your and our future.'

Michael Stavrinou